Raleigh Durham’s Discount Mattress WarehouseRDU Mattress Warehouse

Lowest Mattress Prices and Lowest Adjustable Bed Frame Prices in the Triangle!


Memory Foam, Pillow Top and 2-Sided Mattresses

We offer the very best quality material and construction that is available. Our spring units are made by the same company that makes Sealy and Serta and other well-known mattress companies. The material used in the construction of our mattresses is absolutely as good as any of our competitors. Our goal is to give you the best possible mattress at the best possible price.

All of our Mattresses and All of our Adjustable Bed Frames are made in the U.S.A!

(Our manufacturer has been making mattresses coast to coast since 1987)

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great mattress. You are not going to believe how much your money will buy when you visit our warehouse. We offer the very best quality at half the price of other mattress stores. Our mattresses are absolutely the finest quality available. All we ask is that before you buy, visit our warehouse to see for yourself. Shop around but whatever you do check us out before you buy.

(Spending more money does not get you any better quality)

Visit our warehouse before you buy, you will not be disappointed, we promise!

How are we able to offer such low prices and beat the competition?

  1. We keep our overhead low (No expensive advertising – No expensive retail location)
  2. We cut out the middle man (No corporate fees) – (No salespeople)
  3. Volume (We sell a lot of mattresses through word of mouth which helps keep costs down)

If you buy anywhere else you paid too much!


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